Diamotec Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision electroplated products for the semiconductor wafer production industry.

Founded in 1975 by Vic Koundakjian, Diamotec began with the manufacture of I.D. Saw Blades for semiconductor materials. The early years were dedicated to the research and development of manufacturing the highest quality products. Equipped with ten years of I.D. Saw Blade manufacturing experience, Mr. Koundakjian developed an advanced patented electroplating processes for I.D. Saw Blades that yielded superior blade life and wafer characteristics.

In 1976, new procedures for rounding the edges of silicon wafers were being developed but they were crude and not reliable. Diamotec’s established reputation for high quality electroplated products, led to a joint project launched with Silicon Valley Group (SVG) to manufacture a new diamond plated contour wheel.

Diamotec’s innovative diamond plated contour wheel was debuted with Silicon Valley Group’s new edge grinding machine system in 1977. The first generation products were single groove 11/2 inch diameter wheels. The wheels had outstanding performance and consistency, producing six times as many wafers per wheel compared to any on the market at that time.

With new wafer manufacturing technology being developed continually, the demand on new product development in the industry was high. Diamotec was leading the way in cutting edge innovations to meet industry demands and created the first 8 inch 5 groove trapezoid edge grinding wheel for the DSK 8 inch machine.

Today, wheels come in multiple sizes and various configurations manufactured to meet customer specifications. There are more than one hundred configurations of edge grinding wheels now manufactured.

Diamotec operates its manufacturing facilities in Torrance, California. Our products are used worldwide, and have been developed to suit foreign equipment and customer needs. Our small staff of skilled employees allow Diamotec to maintain its reputation of true craftsmanship manufacturing the highest quality precision products.